Meeting business needs and requirements as well as budget

When identifying Thought Leaders within very specialized indications, the first question we ask ourselves is: Which methodology is most effective whilst meeting our customers’ business needs and requirements as well as their budgets. With that in mind we always find the most efficient way to reach our goals together with our customers.

We can usually create a quick overview of a thought leader or subject matter expert landscape within days, without the need for a large investment. This identification stage is often applied in the early phases of our projects. This creates the initial list of treaters and centres (identification phase) with regards to the specific disease. No need for large customer files which more often than not give no insight into who is a likely candidate for an interview. For example: Having access to all neurologists is not going to help you identify Fabry Disease treaters. By working with Global Data Support such a query is answered in rapid time.

Once the audience has been identified we offer per to peer nomination studies, by interviewing the subject matter experts. Response rates among our – already select – group of experts must be high. Global Data Support offers the highest response rates by working with the best fieldwork partners, using the best local methodologies. Often our surveys capture peer to peer nominations at an international, national and regional level. Also questions on caseloads, referral patterns, product use and unmet needs are common.

Despite working with third parties across multiple countries our clients always have one point of contact for each project.