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Global Data Support focuses on delivering high quality services to customers from all over the world at a fair price. We easily adapt to our customers’ needs by remaining dedicated to our specialty services. We fully focus on uncovering treaters of rare diseases and their workplaces. We are a full-service market research agency offering target lists and influence mapping studies among this select group of physicians. Global Data Support is efficient, proactive and innovative. We use the latest software tools for delivering your study results and apply ground breaking analytics that help you get the most out of your data.

Why choose globaldatasupport for up-to-date profiles?

tailored data collection

Tailored data collection

Get access to unique and up-to-date targeted profiles on Health Care Providers and Health Care Organizations, combined from primary and secondary sources.

data you can trust

Data you can trust

We combine 20+ years of domain expertise with the latest technology to provide you with clean data.

deeper insights

Deeper insights

Understand your targets via outstanding dashboards. Use effective segmentation beyond the visible thnaks to Machine Learning. Align territories based your tailores profiles.

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Data Matching

Data Science

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Data Wrangling

Targeting and profiling

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